Catering Training Provider

NCS Training, through it’s Centre for Excellence, is committed to providing well-structured training using quality training packages and systems which encompass all areas of our company's core business. 

All NCS training package courses are aimed at providing job relevant skills and knowledge to our employees at different grade levels. Each level is a pathway to advancement within the company. Our training facilities are modern and well equipped to deal with both practical and academic training styles.

Through our external and internal training providers, our apprentices and trainees receive high quality training to both Papua New Guinean (PNGQF) and Australian (AQTF) standards. Our apprentice and trainee progams are delivered by the renowned William Angliss Institute based in Melbourne, and the Australia-Pacific Training College (APTC).

Key NCS training areas

Catering Operations

  • Customer care
  • Teamwork & communication skills
  • Catering operations (cookery, baking and pastry)
  • Housekeeping & janitorial services
  • Warehousing, purchase & supply


  • Business administration
  • Camp services administration
  • Computer skills
  • Management & supervision
  • Workplace training & assessment

Operational Support

  • Occupational health & safety
  • HACCP & food safety
  • Quality assurance
  • Environmental practices
  • Vocational literacy & numeracy
  • General education

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