Empowered people with a shared vision

Developing and managing successful organisations in remote locations requires a different way of thinking.

A way of thinking that embraces the local people, their cultures and their environments. A way of thinking that empowers people with a shared vision, a sense of purpose and a committed passion.

Our thinking is driven not only by our goal of sustainable solutions, but also by our commitment to delivering world’s best practice.


The combined strengths of local experience, cultural knowledge, highly trained staff and strong management, makes Anitua a perfect partner for your organisation.

Building strength through our diversity

A key factor in our success is our pool of diverse, highly trained and experienced employees. Across our various operations you’ll find an optimal blend of local, national and expatriate staff with a wealth of valuable experience and qualifications.

Our people make the difference

The management team at Anitua strives to offer our business partners and clients a range of services to efficiently and effectively meet their business requirements. We have a combination of local Lihirians, national and expatriate managers all working together to meet your needs.