Thinking, working and living safety. Every day.

Safety is in everything we do. You’ll find it in the way we act, the way we talk and the way we think. 

Employee training and development drives continuous improvement in safety and in the management of risk throughout our workplace, operations and processes. 

Our focus on safety extends beyond our organisation to collaborative programs with contractors, clients and business partners.

It’s more than removing hazards. It’s a culture of safety. How we think, work and live – every minute of every day.


Develop, empower and inspire our employees to value their environment, health and safety through committed and passionate leadership and continuous improvement that results in an incident free business environment.


Safety and Health are two components of our Integrated Safety, Health, Environment and Community (SHEC) management system. Our Strategy is centered on three core elements:

Our people
Driven by a dedicated leadership team, Anitua is committed to develop, empower and inspire our workforce with a focus on valuing safety, health, the environment and the community. The process for this includes:

  • Employee Selection
  • SHEC Training
  • Behavioural Based Observation
  • Hazard Identification
  • Hazard Management
  • SHEC Intervention Training

Excellence in business
Aligned with our people, the integration of safety, health, environment and community systems across our business and operational processes drives continuous performance improvement. Always with a focus on safety. Key areas of focus include:

  • SHEC Compliance
  • Fitness For Work
  • Injury Management
  • Health Hazard Management
  • Health Hazards Exposure Monitoring
  • Integrated Operational Risk Management (IORM)
  • Permit to Work Systems

Industry-leading safety
Our strong commitment and focus on safety is demonstrated through statutory and non-statutory compliance, supporting our safety, health, environment and community obligations.The success of our focus has grown our reputation as an industry-leader in safety and is supported by:

  • Obligations Management and Assurance
  • Document Control
  • Strong Community Involvement

Management System

Anitua maintains an Integrated SHEC management system that has been implemented across the diverse spectrum of the group. Flexibility has been a key element in the development of this system whilst aligning to ISO 18001, 14001 and 9001 principles.


Anitua is proud of its safety culture and as such we have mechanisms that enable all employees to communicate, engage at all levels and develop their skills.

We have a proactive culture around identifying hazards and unsafe practices resulting in the implementation of sound risk management practices.

All incidents are investigated in a timely manner and the learning’s gathered are communicated back to the workforce to prevent recurrences.

Anitua constantly strives to create higher levels of safety awareness resulting in sound safety leadership at all levels. 

Executive Management Review 

The executive management team is dedicated to the safe operation of the business and as such places a high level of importance on all SHEC matters. This is realised through:

  • Setting performance improvement targets with each of the business units
  • Regularly reviewing SHEC performance and identifying area for improvement
  • Analysing SHEC capabilities and performance at executive committee meetings
  • Working with our clients and regulators to achieve the best possible outcome

"The Safety and Health of all Anitua employees, contractors and visitors is a value which will not be compromised. We are totally committed to fulfilling all of our Safety and Health obligations."
– Colin Vale, Executive Director Anitua Group of Companies, 2012

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