Socially responsible

Anitua understands that being a successful company is more than just a healthy balance sheet. It’s also about giving back to the community and recognising that healthy, prosperous communities are good business. Anitua has always been about benefiting communities, but has recently embarked upon a more structured approach to demonstrating corporate social responsibility. 

Anitua is a long time supporter and sponsor of a variety of good causes, community events, and sporting endeavours as well as a particularly generous patron of the Red Cross. 

Some of our programs include:  

  • Youth work experience programs
  • Natural disaster emergency relief and response activities
  • Localisation programs which employ local landowners and provide them with some of the country's best training and development opportunities
  • Sporting team and event sponsorships
  • Women's development and infant health initiatives
  • Employee programs
  • Sustainable joint venture projects including fresh food, livestock and seafood production to assist local landowners in becoming self-reliant and financially independent.

Some specific programs supported by subsidiary NCS include the Cheshire Home for people with special needs, the Claire Haus Crisis Centre for babies and children, the Hohola Youth development Centre, as well as the Irugu Mother of Life Centre orphanage in Simbu.

Elimination of Violence Against Women

Spearheading Anitua’s Corporate Social Responsibility program and in accord with our vision for healthy, prosperous and sustainable communities in which we operate, is our Elimination of Violence Against Women (EVAW) Program. A comprehensive and group-wide approach to eliminating violence against women.