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Our Values

Anitua desires to position itself so that we deliver a standard of products and services to our clients and customers that is the 'best imaginable'. By living by the following values, we will be well on our way to maintaining that high standard.


Every Anitua employee has the right to a work environment that is free from threat to their safety and the ability to perform. Any work environment has hazards however, using safe work practices and procedures helps to eliminate or reduce the risks associated with our work to the extent that they are not a threat to the safety or health of any employee. Safety is a responsibility of each individual and if you see something you think is a potential hazard, we want you to report it and do everything reasonable to rectify it to make it safe.


We must strive to earn and maintain the respect and trust of our co-workers, business partners, customers and the communities in which we operate. We must make sure that we continually earn that trust and respect by always acting in an honest and fair manner. Communications with our clients and customers should increase their respect and trust in us.


All of Anitua’s employees should be dedicated to working as one team, both within each Company and with the Anitua group as a whole. We will value the diversity and experience of our colleagues. Teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success.


Sustainable growth will be achieved if we recognise that each individual plays a critical role in our success, and we work together towards our goals. Growth isn’t just about Anitua getting bigger; we must ensure that the company grows in a sustainable way.

Performance and Continual Improvement

Employees of Anitua must endeavour to increase productivity, improve systems and procedures, and increase service levels in all that we do. Expect the best of yourself and your colleagues; and as a Company we should strive to be the best.

Our Vision

A fully committed workforce, delivering excellent services to our customers and prosperity to our communities

Our Locations

The Anitua Group of Companies is based on Lihir Island, approximately 900 kilometres north east of Port Moresby, in the New Ireland Province of Papua New Guinea.

Whilst the majority of the Group’s subsidiary companies operate exclusively on the island, some have successfully expanded throughout PNG. Growth plans are in place which will see a number of other subsidiaries expand off the island over the next few years. NCS has been the most successful company to expand throughout PNG, with operations in nearly 30 sites. Anitua Security has also expanded into Rabaul, Kokopo and Kavieng, whilst its alarm monitoring division operates throughout PNG.

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