June 2013

Anitua Supports National Haus Krai

Staff from numerous Anitua businesses participated in a march against gender based violence as part of the National Haus Krai last month. Many of the female employees in particular were impressed and grateful to have their ED Colin Vale, CFO Anthony Neck, and new Group HR Manager, Shaun Carden join them. GM of Anitua Security Services, Anthony Scottney-Turbill also lent considerable support to the protest by driving one of his Security vehicles behind the marchers in a safety capacity.

The National Haus Krai campaign was organised by numerous organisations which came together as a result of the frustration over the way that violence against women and girls is tolerated, ignored and accepted in this country. The aim of the walk on Lihir was to speak out about the wrongs of violence against PNG women and girls. Enough is Enough!

Colin Vale said that Anitua and NCS were proud to have supported the protest walk through their sponsorships. "We all know that gender based violence is an enormous problem in PNG. I’ve been in this country a long time and it never fails to sadden, anger and frustrate me when I see battered and bruised women." He continued... "Through the Lihir Destiny Plan we strive for sustainable development for Lihir but let’s not forget that if Lihir is truly going to develop then violence against women must STOP! How can girls attend school, or women be productive at work when their bones are broken or they’re worried about getting beaten up and raped?"

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