December 2015

Outstanding Anitua Business Innovator Acknowledged

The Manager of the Lihir Integrated Agricultural Project – the Farm – Jovet Bacsain was recently awarded Anitua’s inaugural Business Innovation award. Executive Director, Colin Vale, has long acknowledged veterinarian Jovet’s numerous and outstanding business innovations for the Farm and agreed that it was high time for these to be officially acknowledged.

“Jovet is a true innovator and he’s always having a go. He may fail but he ‘tweaks it’ and tries again. If he doesn’t know something then he makes it his business to find out. All of these things make Jovet a highly valued member of the Anitua management team,” says Vale. Anyone who knows Jovet and is familiar with the classic Australian movie The Castle would agree that he is definitely an ideas man.

As the manager of the Lihir Integrated Livestock Project, Jovet’s purpose is to create a profitable integrated environmentally-friendly farm for the people of Lihir. He says his vision is to design and implement a system for ecological and sustainable living integrating plants, animals, buildings, people and communities. A visit to the Farm will prove that he is well on his way to achieving this vision as there is much more to see out there than just pigs and chickens. For example, just a few of the projects the Farm has on the go include:

  • Biogas and Fertiliser Production
  • Aquaponics and Hydroponics
  • Stock Feed Production 
  • Fish Farming
  • Vegetable Production
  • Water Reticulation

Not only do each of these projects play their part in a system of integrated and sustainable farming but they also expose the local Lihirian workforce to a completely new way of food production – Permaculture – as well as new food sources. Many vegetables previously considered unsuitable to Lihir’s tropical environment and soil conditions are actually THRIVING at the Farm (e.g., tomatoes, English cabbages [as big as soccer balls], Italian basil) which given the exorbitant fruit and vegetable freight costs to Lihir is also very good for catering and camp management business partner, NCS Lihir.

Importantly the Farm is serving as a pilot study for more healthy and sustainable village living. Jovet hopes to take his model of more efficient and sustainable food production – including biogas production – to the villages of Lihir, thus improving the quality of life of Lihirian people.

Manager, innovator, and award winner Jovet Bacsain together with his wife Kelly and son Vetho. 

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