August 2014

Minister Opens Lihir Poultry Project

The Lihir Poultry Project, part of the Lihir Agricultural Project located at Kunai was officially opened by Ben Micah, Minister for Public Enterprises and State Investments in August. Numerous other dignitaries and VIPs were also in attendance including Anitua Executive Director Colin Vale, LMALA Chairman Peter Suar, Lihir Gold Ltd General Manager Craig Jetson and a large delegation from Mainland Holdings (suppliers of Niugini Tablebirds) who have partnered with Lihir Sustainable Development Ltd on the egg and chicken component of the agricultural project.

Stage One of the Poultry Project involves egg production which commenced in July this year. It’s anticipated that a minimum of 55,000 eggs will be produced weekly by July 2015 when the Project reaches its full egg production target. Stage Two of the project, involving the production of pork, will commence once an abattoir has been built. The abattoir will also enable the farm to work toward Stage Three – meat birds.

Not only will the eggs, chicken and pork be consumed locally on Lihir, particularly via the NCS catering contract with Lihir Gold Ltd – NCS Lihir currently use 6,000 eggs every day – inevitably surplus product will be exported off-shore to generate even further income for the people of Lihir. Thus the Agricultural Project will play an important part in the development of Lihir’s post mine closure economy and hence its sustainability.

Minister for Public Enterprises and State Investments, Ben Micah officially opened the Lihir Poultry Project in August


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