February 2014

Fishing – ARDS Style

The New Year has seen ARDS take on a new task – Fishing! Feeling jealous?  You shouldn't be because it's not the kind of fishing many of us would like to be enjoying in our free time. Instead of hooking onto something tasty to put on the table, the ARDS team are retrieving old steel tubing from the geothermal wells littered alongside the main road to the mine.

It's a labour intensive, repetitive and dangerous job and just like real fishing the results are not guaranteed. The Schramm drill rig hangs 80,000 pounds of rod string into a hole to hook on to just a 10mm round piece of tubing – "good luck" you may well say. 

Unlike real fishing this is highly important work as the steam that is needed to drive the massive turbines to assist Lihir's power supply is coming from the holes ARDS is repairing. In short, ARDS fishing helps Newcrest's Power and Utility crews maximise their geothermal source of energy which results in savings in power costs and less dependence on fossil fuel. Good for our client and good for the environment.

The ARDS Schramm is ‘fishing’ night and day to maximise Newcrest Mining’s geothermal energy output.

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