Company Profile

From small beginnings, the Anitua group has grown to include a broad range of businesses. 2008 saw the formation of a corporate team, working for Anitua Ltd, who provide management and support services to the group.

Today, shareholders comprise six clan groups from the Lihir Group of Islands, plus the local level government business arm. The purpose of establishing the Anitua Group was to provide a means for landowners to participate in the Lihir Gold project, one of the world’s largest gold mines. Today, the Anitua Group is one of the largest single suppliers of goods and services to Newcrest (Lihir Gold Ltd). The group is now focusing on expansion throughout PNG.

Anitua works with its range of business partners and clients every day to not only break new ground in a literal sense, but to constantly push the envelope – looking for better ways of servicing our client’s needs.

The Anitua Group can offer packages of services to those looking at major projects – construction, camp management, security, mining services and more. We also ensure our smaller clients are well looked after in the field of their needs – be it retail, security or civil works.

The group’s impressive portfolio of businesses includes:

  • Anitua Constructions
  • Anitua Corporate Services
  • Anitua Farms
  • Anitua Hardware
  • Anitua Investments
  • Anitua Mining Services
  • Anitua Properties
  • Anitua Radial Drilling Services
  • Anitua Security Services
  • Anitua Supermarket
  • Anitua Transport Services
  • Lihir Auto Services
  • Lihir Investments (Australia)
  • NCS Holdings