The strength of a team that is on your side

The Anitua Group of Companies was founded by a small group of entrepreneurial Lihirian landowners in 1989. We comprise a diverse range of specialised companies complementing and supporting each other to provide value to organisations across many industries.

Our success is built on a foundation of personal and professional integrity and commitment to excellence. As a company and as individuals, we guide our conduct by the highest standards of honesty, integrity and ethical behaviour. 

The Anitua Group employs over 1500 people on Lihir Island, with another 2000 people employed throughout PNG. We pride ourselves on our ability to work well with people of wide cultural backgrounds and to offer sustainable employment and bright futures to our employees.

Our focus on safety and training is part of our commitment to the delivery of world-class solutions. A number of our businesses have achieved Recognised Training Operator (RTO) standards in Australia and National Training Council standards in Papua New Guinea.

The combined strengths of local experience, cultural knowledge, highly trained staff and strong management, makes Anitua a perfect partner for your organisation.