Traditional Security

Security Officers

Anitua Security Officers are either uniformed in our distinct Anitua Security Services uniform or are plain clothed. All our guards are licensed with the Papua New Guinea Security Licensing Authority and are trained by our fully certified training department.

Anitua Security Services also provide our UNI Guard Patrol management system. This system includes buttons attached to buildings and fixtures at our clients' discretion and allows for full tracking of mobile guards.

Man and Dog team

Anitua Security Services prides itself on offering the best man and dog teams available. We are currently expanding our kennel systems at all locations. All our dogs are trained in Brisbane, Australia and all are fully command attack trained.

Security Services

  • Security control room monitored facilities
  • Patrols and electronic surveillance
  • Secure transport and banking services
  • Payrolls and valuables
  • Armed escorts and staff transfers
  • Vehicle tracking technology
  • Static guards
  • Guard dogs and handlers
  • Electronic alarms and 24hr alarm monitoring
  • CCTV and remote monitoring
  • Monitoring of medical alarms
  • Investigations
  • Complimentary security assessments

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