Secure Transport Services

Anitua Security Services operates a secure transport service, transporting passengers and/or valuables to predetermined locations. Our transport services offers basic pickup and delivery shuttle service and high security armed transport.

Our fully insured mobile armed escort services are armed with a minimum of 4 armed personnel as a safety precaution. We conduct all types of escorts from simple small business cash escorts to highly covert mineral operations.

Security Services

  • Security control room monitored facilities
  • Patrols and electronic surveillance
  • Secure transport and banking services
  • Payrolls and valuables
  • Armed escorts and staff transfers
  • Vehicle tracking technology
  • Static guards
  • Guard dogs and handlers
  • Electronic alarms and 24hr alarm monitoring
  • CCTV and remote monitoring
  • Monitoring of medical alarms
  • Investigations
  • Complimentary security assessments

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