For most organisations, security in Papua New Guinea needs to be able to address not only the ever-present risks, but also the complexities of a multitude of different customs.

Every day Anitua Security works with people from different clans who have different customs and beliefs. Our team includes specialist Human Resources and Industrial Relations people who deal with both customary law and the law of Papua New Guinea.

This combined with our strengths of local experience, highly trained staff and strong management, makes Anitua Security a perfect partner for your organisation with the ability to provide complete end-to-end solutions.

The safety of your staff, assets and customers is Anitua Security Services' number one priority. Safety is in everything we do. You'll find it in the way we act, the way we talk and the way we think.

Security Services

  • Security control room monitored facilities
  • Patrols and electronic surveillance
  • Secure transport and banking services
  • Payrolls and valuables
  • Armed escorts and staff transfers
  • Vehicle tracking technology
  • Static guards
  • Guard dogs and handlers
  • Electronic alarms and 24hr alarm monitoring
  • CCTV and remote monitoring
  • Monitoring of medical alarms
  • Investigations
  • Complimentary security assessments

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