When you choose Anitua Radial Drilling Services, you join a growing list of companies that are registering excellent results on their bottom line by taking their operations to a higher level of efficiency.

Our experienced drillers and supervisors bring a wealth of knowledge and skills to each new project. A level of experience that is unmatched in Papua New Guinea.

We are one of the major providers of surface drilling solutions in Papua New Guinea with long-standing relationships with leading organisations. Our specialised equipment, mobile fleet and highly skilled team with a ‘can do’ attitude combine to make us the leader in our field, providing complete end-to-end solutions.

Safety is Anitua Radial Drilling Services' number one priority. Safety is in everything we do. You'll find it in the way we act, the way we talk and the way we think.
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We are pleased to announce the purchase of Central Drillers - a PNG company with over 20 years’ experience in geotechnical, water bore and environmental drilling. The purchase of Central Drillers compliments our current range of drilling services and ensures we can cater to an extensive range of client’s drilling requirements, throughout the country. For more information, go to www.centraldrillerspng.com

Working in some of the world’s toughest environments breeds a different way of thinking

Drilling Services

  • Geothermal
  • Air drilling: RC/AC/RAB
  • Mud rotary – PCD / Tri Cone
  • Diamond coring – SQ/PQ/HQ/NQ/BQ, standard or triple tube.
  • Large diameter bore/well drilling
  • Directional diamond drilling
  • Heli-portable/man-portable drilling operations
  • Blast hole drilling
  • Horizontal/high wall drainage
  • Steam relief well drilling
  • Remote exploration projects
  • Mine site production specific drilling
  • Well descaling/workover activities
  • Geotechnical drilling and testing

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