Camp Management

Accommodation and Housekeeping

NCS Housekeeping staff across PNG make the beds and clean the rooms of up to 6,000 camp residents every day, whilst our laundry staff wash more than 7 tonnes of laundry every day.

When it comes to minimizing the risks associated with the operation of close-quarters accommodation, employing NCS to professionally manage your janitorial services is a wise option. Using modern equipment and management techniques, we will ensure that your laundry facilities operate efficiently and at least cost to you. We also work closely with key suppliers to ensure detergents, chemicals, and cleaning agents used meet the most stringent environmental codes.

Human Resource Management

The NCS Human Resource and Administration management teams manage the staffing requirements across the spectrum of roles and functions needed to operate your camp.

Our professional and experienced Human Resource department looks after:

  • recruitment
  • induction
  • education & training
  • payroll
  • staffing logistics
Leisure & Retail Facilities

An important part of camp life is ‘a life outside of work’. NCS are able to provide a variety of recreation and sports facilities and programs for you and your workers including:

  • Fully equipped fitness centres
  • Basketball, netball, tennis, squash & volleyball courts and competitions
  • Golf courses
  • Swimming pools
  • Group fitness classes (e.g., Spin, Pump, Aerobics, Boot Camp)
  • Strength & conditioning programs

In addition to providing opportunities for your workers to stay physically fit and healthy NCS can also provide them with ample opportunities to relax and socialise in our clubs, bars and games rooms equipped with pool tables, dart boards, libraries, televisions and sound systems. Your workers can enjoy our special movie nights, live music, and various themed events such as those scheduled around State of Origin, Independence Day and Christmas.

NCS is also experienced at operating retail management services including on-site canteens, shops and cafes. These operations can be integrated into our own business, or we can manage them on behalf of you or a third party.

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NCS will ensure that your laundry service operates efficiently

NCS Housekeeping staff use cleaning agents that meet the most stringent environmental codes

Camp gym facilities

Camp Management
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