Small Business Services

Our goal is to provide the best imaginable accounting and compliance, business development and contract management services to our clients and stakeholders.

The Business Development (BD) section within Lihir Business Services (LBS) provides the following assistance to Lihirian businesses and stakeholders:

  • ongoing business management advice and assistance
  • assistance on compliance requirement such as IPA, IRC and insurance matters
  • assisting business clients with compiling simple business proposals/plans to help them secure loans from financial institutions
  • conducting business training courses under the SIYB (start and improve your business) program
  • conducting business awareness talks

The Accounting and Compliance section is an integral part of the LBS structure. The primary objective of this section is to provide accounting and payroll services to our many clients.

The Contract Services section's role is to assist Newcrest Mining Limited and local small scale contractor enterprises by managing the process of issuance of minor works generated from the main mine operation. We identify and assist qualified and compliant contractors to price and submit bid documents.

Lihir Business Services provides ongoing management advice and assistance to a variety of clients and stakeholders.