The combined strengths of local experience, cultural knowledge, highly trained staff and strong management, makes Anitua a perfect partner for your organisation.

A team with knowledge, understanding and commitment to quality standards and training that extends to the development of local people.

Anitua is serious about training our employees. Whether it be in-house training, mentoring programs, on-the-job training or external training sessions run by accredited training institutes, we feel strongly that investing in our staff’s education is critical to becoming the preferred service provider in PNG.

We subscribe to the philosophy that our employees are our most important asset and it is important that we support their growth and give them opportunities to follow career paths within our businesses.

Anitua is committed to treating all employees in a fair and socially responsible manner, recognisisng and rewarding their efforts, maintaining an environment that encourages teamwork and safe work practices, and providing training and development opportunities to meet the needs of both our employees and Anitua.

Anitua prides itself on operating to very high standards.